Wheeling Parent Teacher Organization

Dear Parents,

Have you ever considered being a part of the PTO (Parent Teacher Organizaton)?  Why should parents get involved?  Being involved can make a big difference in your child's life.  Research shows that when parents are involved in their children's school, the children are more likely to:

  • Earn better grades
  • Score higher on tests
  • Pass their classes
  • Attend school regularly
  • Have better social skills
  • Show improved behavior
  • Be more positive in their attitude toward school
  • Complete homework assignments
  • Graduate and continue their education

The PTO plans fun events and raises money for the school, but we can't do that without your help.  You don't need any experience to be part of the PTO. Any parent can join.  Just come to a meeting.  Below you will find the dates for this school year's PTO meetings.  We meet  in the library from 3:30-4:30 pm.  Hope to see you there!

WPTO Meeting Dates

  • Sept. 6, 2016
  • Oct. 4, 2016
  • Nov. 1, 2016
  • Dec. 6, 2016
  • Jan. 10, 2017
  • Feb. 7, 2017
  • March 7, 2017
  • April 4, 2017
  • May 2, 2017


Thank you for your continued support! 








WPTO Archives

PTO - November 3, 2015

People In Attendance: Krisi Chartier, Alemash Yohannes, Kimball Johnson, Ghimja Tesfay, Amy Betts, Marie White, Beatriz Zamora, Triciah Morato, and Ramone Carson


  • Shoparoo – Phone App
  • Free way to make money for your school
  • Download the app
  • Link with Wheeling (clib3935)
  • Scan receipts for EVERYTHING
  • After so many points, Wheeling will get a check
  • Gets competitive between grade levels, schools
  • McDonalds
    • Spoke with them – we can do a 2-4hr and we can make 15%. We have to do our own flyers.
    • Allie - When? Friday 4-8 (Check on available dates in January 22 or 29?)
    • Krisi – Make Fliers, Email Lucas for announcements,
    • Allie - ConnectEd call script
  • Panda Express
    • Can be all day – we make 20%!!
    • Customers have to have flyer in order for the school to get credit (Print flier online)
    • We need to fill out application – need two week notice
    • We can do every 30 days and can schedule up to 3 months in advance
    • Schedule – Nov. 23rd or Dec. 4 look into doing it
  • Chocolate Bars
    • Have been purchased. $288
    • Volunteers to sell them?
      • Allie - Wednesdays, Beatriz – Tuesday/Friday, Marie – Fridays before school
      • Beatriz, Marie, Ghimja would like to sell chocolate to her family/friends
    • Krisi - Email Lucas for announcements, write a note for Friday folders
    • Box Tops/Campbell labels
      • Have announcements been made?
        • Krisi - Email Lucas for announcements,
        • Make an announcement at PD meeting on Nov. 9th
        • Send home Box Top collecting papers for easy collection/counting
      • Are we collecting weekly or monthly
        • Counting – Marie, Beatriz, Allie
        • Gallon sized bags to each classroom
      • Quarterly Prize – popcorn, ice cream, root beer floats?
      • Volunteers to deliver prizes
        • Marie, Allie & Beatriz
      • Donation/Comment Box
        • Can we have a donation box put up in front?
        • One for comments items and one for change/cash?
          • Get a box first and discuss the wording so it’s not just a place for parents to complain. Amy & Allie
          • Carson – will come to the Dec. meeting about the technology component for this.
        • Scholastics Book Fair
          • We owe money from 2013 – where’s the payment??
            • Former President says she wasn’t in charge, it was our former Clerk?
            • At what point will Scholastic come after us for that money?
              • Can we set up a payment plan?
              • Call and have Scholastic email Krisi an invoice
              • Can we make an arrangement to have our upcoming book fair pay off some of that balance.
            • Doing book fair in January during conferences
            • Decide who will run it
          • Skate City
            • Friday December 11th
            • What time? Right after school
            • Getting 3 buses
            • What are we doing different to make it better/easier for everyone
              • Posting/Communicating where students are
              • All forms MUST be turned in no later than Wednesday, December 9th
                • Check with Skate City to add a line about skate walker rental fee
                • Parents will need to sign up at IB night on Nov. 19th to ride the bus, Open to 6 parents, but allow for a waiting list
                • Students hold on to their money
                • Allie and Marie will count the forms on Wednesday
                  • Create a list of student/teacher for Friday night and email to Krisi to get to staff
                • Ramone will ask 6 specialists/ ESS teachers to help corral students to their designated holding locations: A wing – Room 5, B wing – Room
                • Ask staff to sign up that they’re going too – Any want to ride the bus?
              • We have parent volunteers that signed up
                • Allie will email these parents to check if they’re still interested
              • IB Night - Nov. 19th from 5:30 – 7
                • Krisi, Allie and Marie will man the booth
                • Sell chocolates – need sign
                • Sign parents up for Skate City
                • Pass out fliers for December PTO meeting
                • Need PTO sign



  • Bingo Night
    • Friday February 19th
    • What do we need to prepare- things we can do now so we don’t have rush last minute
      • Donations for food
      • Sign up for working the concession stand at a later meeting
    • Barnes and Noble (Didn’t discuss because of lack of time)
      • More info – when do we want to do it. We need to start advertising
    • Casino Bus
      • Amy did you get info on this?
        • Has called a few companies and hasn’t gotten responses
        • She’ll keep working on
      • Spring Fling
        • We should have one sometime in April
          • Evening/After school – Kids/Families dressed up for the dance
          • Ask for donations from staff, families, businesses (Mimi’s Café)
          • Have someone teach some of the dances before it all starts
          • Possibly having a flash mob
        • Who wants to help organize it?
          • Marie, Beatriz, Kimball, (talk to Nick/Becca to play some of the same dances that the students have been taught during Dance Week)
        • Conferences/PTO sign up
          • We had a good number of parents sign up
          • some can come to meetings, but might be able to volunteer
          • we need to start putting the minutes up on the website
          • Didn’t do donation box or sell baked items – next conference!
        • Teacher dinners
          • How much did we spend?
            • Overall: $1,283.51 for 2 nights of meals for the staff on Parent/Teacher Conferences
            • Opinion Box in the front


Official PTO balance

  • Need invoice from district accounting


Next Meeting: December 1st at 3:30 in the Wheeling Library

PTO – Oct. 6, 2015

Account Balance - $3,100


  • Do we want it to be a fundraising event or do we want it to be a free outreach?
  • Last year, it would have cost $2,826.10 had we gone through with it.
  • We need to do a better job with preparing for it and advertizing for it like crazy!
  • We could word our fliers so the communities knows what the $$ is going to
  • International Food night happening on the same night
  • We’ve decided to NOT do carnival this year

Skate City

  • Made $378
  • 168 skaters
  • Not enough room on the buses
    • Parents/families wanting to ride
    • Only 2 buses available
  • Try to request for 3 buses
  • Have a more organized way to collect permission slips and make sure the $ is kept separate
  • Get wristbands before so we can put them on while we’re waiting for the buses, we won’t have the line up to get on the buses
  • Post a BIG sign to inform where grade levels are being held before buses
  • Schedule the next one for November
  • Connect ED call was a HUGE help the night before
  • Next Skate City night – Friday, December 11th


Fall Fiesta

  • Cost: $902.75, returning
  • 500+ people in attendance
  • Kids have a lot of fun
  • Arm wrestling was a big hit
  • King Soopers - $25 /Walmart $20 donations for pumpkins as prizes
  • More corporate support for prizes for raffle
  • Call Raffle prizes throughout the event instead of waiting until the end


  • Not celebrated in classrooms
  • Spirit Week that last week
  • NO costumes
  • Halloween Dance after school on Friday 30th: Possible a No Place for Hate activity
  • Fall Craft night/ International celebration (next year)

Book Fair

  • Who would run it?
  • Most likely during January conferences
  • Do it for the whole week so classrooms can go through during the day so students


  • Chipotle – must wait a year from last May
  • McDonalds – Contact
  • Valentine’s Grams – This is a go!
  • Chocolate Sales – Just sell them before/after school
    • Get them when we can and start selling ASAP
  • Barnes & Noble night
    • Kids reading their own writing
  • Casino Bus – People pay person/couple – 21 and older
    • Amy will look into it
  • Box Tops/Campbell’s Soup labels
    • Mark is taking them currently
    • Classroom/Grade level contests
  • Bingo License
    • Can’t do it since we have a district account
    • Eaglecrest Lacrosse can still come in and run it
    • We can do concession stand and make $$
    • Bingo Night: Friday, February 19th

Field Trips

  • Set up a process to request a bus
  • Grade levels would need to request it in person at a meeting
  • Send out an updated request form

Parent Teacher Conferences

  • PTO will provide food for both nights this quarter
  • Bake sale: donate cookies to sell at P/T conference nights

PTO Meeting

September 1, 2015

Board Elections

Alli – New President!

Beatrice – VP

Krisi – Secretary

Amy - Treasurer


Sub-committee will look over & make changes as needed

Treasury Report

$4,002.74 current balance

$200 kept in petty cash in the school safe

$50 gift card from Sam’s Club

Fall Fiesta 2nd Annual Oct. 3rd 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM - Nancy M., Nancy B. & Heather

Free to the community

Provided food – pizza

No prizes left over from last year

Pepsi was donated last year

Requested $1,000 for food, drink, and prizes

       Amy made the motions to pay $1000 for pizza, prizes and drinks

       Alli seconded the motion

       Committee approved the request

Create a Sign Up Genius for water, soda, plates, and napkins

We can get a letter for donations and tax write-offs


Skate City

Fun Bus to Skate City – need at least 2 people on each bus

2 people checking kids out at the door



Should we still get a Bingo License? $100, submit bylaws, names of people eligible to run Bingo, have a separate BINGO account, buy the supplies (BINGO balls, daubers, Bingo papers, Specials, FUNDs for payouts)

Amy made the motions to pay $100 for a Bingo License

       Heather seconded the motion

       Committee approved the request

Usually need 2 people working front table selling cards, 1 caller (Bill), 4 runners who sell specials, extra person at the table handling payouts: THESE PEOPLE CAN’T PLAY THE NIGHT THEY’RE WORKING

World’s Finest Chocolate

Option 1: No risk order taking: kick off with parent letters in English/Spanish with order forms prize flyers and student envelope (make copies of parent letter and staple it all together), 2 assemblies total one hour long, take orders for two weeks, total tally to Stephanie and delivery, 50% profit then we sort our own chocolate, 40% if we sort our own order, 48 hour notice to Stephanie

Option 2: kick off with permission slips and parent signature, take $1 bars home either 30 or 60 chocolate bars, 2-3 weeks to sell the chocolate bars, 50% profit, any unsold chocolate and unopened can be taken back

Amy made the motion to go with Option 1 and selling before and after school.

       Heather seconded the motion

       Committee approved the request


Original Works

Take student’s work and turn it into gift items (magnets, pictures frames, mugs, etc.) Could be a great gift idea


Upcoming Events:

Please join us for our next WPTO meeting Tuesday, May 12th 2015 from 3:30-4:30 in the Wheeling Library!


Family Wheeling Night at Skate City April 15th 2015 from 6-8 PM

Wheeling Carnival May 1st 2015 from 5-8 PM


Support Wheeling raise funds for your children:

Purchase a $5 Safeway reloadable gift card from the Wheeling main office. Up to 5% of your purchases will go towards the school. Every time you reload them and use them you support your child.


Thank You!!!

To families and friends for purchasing Valentine's Grams from your Wheeling PTO! The smiles on the students and teachers faces were priceless as they received their special Valentine! 


President:  Quinn McGinnis Stokes  qstokes12@comcast.net

Secretaries:  Krisi Chartier & Jannelle Davis kjchartier@aps.k12.co.us     jmdavis@aps.k12.co.us

Treasurers:  Amy Betts & Osharae Steadham 


Meeting Minutes:

PTO Meeting notes Nov 4

PTO Minutes 12-9

PTO January Meeting Minutes 1 13 15

 February PTO Meeting Notes

 March PTO 3 10 2015

April PTO Minutes