ainslie cole

Ainslie Cole

Cali grown and globally refined, Ainslie Cole began her teaching career at 5 years old, gathering a class full of stuffed animals under a fort tied together with sheets. She grew up in Long Beach, CA then attended college at San Diego State University. Ainslie's love for learning lead her on an international exploration of education to over 20 countries across the world. Her travels inspired her to study in Spain, and teach in Mexico, fueling her fascination with language and culture. Beyond the walls of Wheeling, you can catch her in the canyons on her motorcycle, paddling on the water, or Jeeping through the mountains. Miss Cole describes herself as an extroverted introvert who craves outdoor adventures but also requires creative outlets like writing, cooking, and painting.

vincent lucero

Vincent Lucero

Vincent Lucero is a Colorado native. He graduated from Metropolitan State College of Denver with a B.A. in Chicano Studies and Elementary Education licensure with a concentration in Social Studies. He continued his education at the University of Denver and received a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. Vincent loves to go fishing, make music, and is currently writing a fictional novel. Vincent is a 4 th grade teacher and loves to emphasize the importance of education in our society because the children are the future leaders of our country. His favorite books are Lord of the Flies, A Place to Stand, and Coraline: The Graphic Novel. Vincent’s inspiration comes from activists like Cesar Chavez, Joaquin Murrieta, Corky Gonzales, and Ricardo Falcon.

Cheryl Rios

Cheryl Rios

Cheryl Rios was born and raised in a small town in Wyoming.  She obtained her Masters in Elementary Education from Grand Canyon University.  Mrs. Rios has traveled to Africa, Mexico, South America, and served in the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic.  She loves reading, hiking, the mountains and spending time with her family.  She is very elated to share the year with her students.