aevin perabo

Aevin Perabo

Special Education

Aevin Perabo is a Special Education teacher at Wheeling Elementary. He completed a master’s degree at Regis University with honors from Denver, Colorado. Originally from El Paso, Texas he came to Denver to study and decided to call Colorado home. In his spare time he enjoys biking, hiking, and walking. He chose to work at Wheeling because of the diversity of students and staff, which demonstrates the school district’s commitment to hiring quality staff regardless of ethnicity.

diana granger 2

Dianna Granger

Diana Granger is a speech-language pathologist, and enjoys being part of the SPED team here at Wheeling Elementary. She has a B.S. in Communication Disorders from Worcester State University. She completed graduate studies at the University of Massachusetts & Emerson College, Boston.

Diana lived on Cape Cod for many years before moving here to Colorado.  She took a ferry to work everyday; so is not one to get sea sick. Yes living by the ocean one has to be a collector of sea glass & sea shells. Did you know the best time to "comb" the beach for these is not the Summer; but rather the winter after a storm.  Living near the world renowned Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, she met scientist and their families from many countries.
"A global influence and perspective is so important to our children", says Diana.

Amy Oeffling

Physical Therapy