Jarrod McChesney

Head Custodian

"Mr Jarrod" is a Colorado native, although he was Born in Jackson hole Wyoming in 1991, His Family had moved to Aurora when he was a few months old. He attended Smoky Hill high school and was a part of the 2009 class. Opting to get His GED he began working at the young age of 16. Jarrod loves the great outdoors and Enjoys hiking/camping and taking Scenic drives with his dog, Kuro or as he calls him "Kuroson ninja dog". He also enjoys playing video games and sports with his friends and is currently learning how to golf. He started working in custodial about 5 years ago with a contract cleaning company that cleaned APS schools. He begin as a night time custodian making minimum  wage and eventually worked himself up to Area manager where he managed crews across 5 different schools including Gateway, hinkley and Vista peak. His hard work and dedication to his craft where noticed by APS Maintenance and operations management and eventually lead to his hiring at wheeling in September of 2016. Jarrod takes great pride in what he does and has developed a special relationship with the students of  Wheeling.

Dora Perez

Dora Perez



My name is Dora Perez and  I was born and raised in El Salvador. I moved to LA, California and then to Denver, Colorado. I started working for APS in February of 2019. I am a hard working individual and take pride in what I do. I like doing custodial work since as long as I can remember. I enjoy what I do. Keeping a clean and safe environment for our kids, parents, and staff is my passion and priority.

genesis ramirez

Genesis Ramirez

Night Custodian


I am a night caretaker for the school my duties are to keep things spotless, I take my job very serious as a result of the important outcome of keeping students and staff focused and happy in the clean environment they deserve. I am very caring person, I love to help out when it is needed. I get involved with so much volunteer work when I can. I’ve  helped out with so many things that matter such as girls on the run(non-profit program that works to encourage pre-teen girls to develop self-respect and healthy lifestyle through dynamic, interactive lessons.),Salvation Army and so much more, when I am not helping out I love spending time with my pets I currently have a baby puppy named Stella that requires all my attention at all times because she is a new born and I also have a pet hedgehog named penny that is very mess for someone who sleeps all day and is up all night. These sort of things is what makes me happy the most.