Hallo liebe Wheeling Familien!  Hola familias de Wheeling!  Hello Wheeling families!

Aurora Scholars at Wheeling Elementary

Aurora Scholars at Wheeling Elementary


“Wheeling accelerates learning for every student every day to ensure their success in the IB Diploma Program and through college.”-Wheeling’s mission statement

Wheeling’s mission statement was crafted for two equally important reasons. Firstly, it explains to our parent community what makes our school different and special among all the schools that they could choose for their children. Secondly, it serves as a constant reminder to our staff about why our work is important: in order to align our work to the district’s vision that “Every student shapes a successful future”, we need to provide our students the kind of elementary education that ensures students have the option to attend the best high school programs college that they may choose.

…and we know that the foundation of a great elementary education is great literacy instruction!

This month, I wanted to use my Principal’s Page to share with you all what our staff has done to give our Explorers the rigorous reading instruction that “accelerates learning for every student every day”. 

  • Small group guided reading instruction for all students.
  • Reading interventions for students on READ plans
  • After school tutoring

                Here is a link to a page that might give our parents some ideas about how to create a literacy-rich home environment, which we know can be the difference for students who truly get to shape a successful future.

*Link to Get Ready to Read:

Your friendly neighborhood principal,

Ramone Carson
Principal, Wheeling IB World School