Parent Confrences

teacher conferences are January 10th and January 15th, 3-7pm. Please contact your student(s) teacher directly for appointment times.  Conferencias de Padres y Maestros Enero 10 y Enero 15, 3-7pm. Por favor contactar a el maestro(a) de su estudiante para hacer su cita. Read More

Stake City Wednesday December 19 3:00-5:00 PM

Skate City permission slips must be turned in on Monday,December 17th to ride on thebus. Please make sure the day ofSkate City students have their money or they will not beallowedto go. Kindergarten students are not allowed to ride the bus. Los formularios de permiso de Skate City deben entregarse ellunes 17 de diciembre paraviajar… Read More