This will be a busy month.  Our students have been progressing in their computer skills to meet challenges in the classroom and the world that waits for them.

Kindergarten has moved from simply using the touchpad and select key to now identifying letters on the keyboard.  Usually, this is a hard start, because many of them are still working on learning their letters.  But they advance on this skill rapidly.

1st grade just started learning to log in to their computers.  This advances them into having their own private space on the internet, identified by their school Google Account.  It has some limitations, so they don't have infinite internet access with it.  This will add dimension to their learning.

2nd grade has been using Google Classroom, and writing sentences to fit what they are doing in their classroom.  This opens up Google Docs, which for many parents can be compared to Microsoft Word.

3rd grade is working in Google Docs, creating tables and doing comparison and contrast projects.  Have your child show you their work in here.

4th grade is doing a personal favorite of mine,  This is an online comic strip creator.  Many of the students find this a great way to learn about storytelling and dialogue.

5th grade has become master map users, and are in the process of learning more about using spreadsheets, using Google Sheets.  Next is Adobe Spark.  Look it up on the internet!